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We are a leading suppliers
of advanced ceramic ignition,
light source and heating elements

Our speciality is working with and providing solutions for companies throughout the world who are seeking the latest technology for their applications.

A walk down the strip in Las Vegas, a visit to Disney or the latest gas grills in major stores will display the vast number of applications our products are being used for.

With years of experience, we can advise and work with you to develop the optimum solution that will meet and exceed your requirements.

We work with companies of all sizes from niche manufacturers to multinationals. Whether you are looking for one piece for a project or large volume production runs, we can supply all these requirements.


Designing, manufacturing
and providing solutions for
heater technology

Crystal Technica have been designing and manufacturing advanced ceramic elements and related products for over 12 years and have developed a wealth of experience in providing solutions for companies and individuals that require the very latest in heater technology. We offer a comprehensive service from the inception of a design through to retrofit where a new solution is required for an old application.

We design and manufacture all our own products and therefore maintain the highest level of quality and repeatability. As would be expected, we carry out our operations to all the necessary International standard qualifications.

We have been involved in many projects from biomass ignition to mass spectrometers and the last few years have seen development of a range of programmable controllers for gas appliances which have been widely welcomed. Many of these are now in use in applications from special effects to gas ranges.

Crystal Technica have established an excellent reputation for manufacturing and design services with a very varied customer base across the world. Please get in touch if you’d like to find out how we can help you.


Specialist production facilities and experienced workforce

We specialise in the production of small to medium volume ignition assemblies including multi-purpose ignition assembly, PCB assembly, harnesses/cables and final assembly.

Our skilled workforce has many years’ experience across a wide range of industries so nothing surprises or daunts us. We are adept at working to tight deadlines and pride ourselves on always delivering our promises.

If you already have a product developed and are looking to take it to through to volume production, we can provide the expertise you need. Our services include production engineering, planning, procurement and build.

We can even design and produce your test equipment and software to guarantee the quality of your products. In a competitive world it makes sense to outsource your manufacturing to Crystal Technica, leaving you to focus on areas that can add value and build profit.


Worldwide logistic
solutions and support

After Sales Support
Once your project is completed, we offer ongoing after sales support.

Small Volume Production
Many of the most exciting gas ignition products are small scale and bespoke. We have the capability to supply small runs for niche manufacturers.

Inventory Management Expertise
We know you don’t want components sitting in your warehouse, and we have the flexibility to work with you to deliver products to suit your supply chain requirements. We have facilities in Europe and North America to provide logistic solutions across the globe.


    Meeting the needs of
    different industries

    Crystal Technica design and manufacture products to meet the needs of many different markets.

    Our multiple form factors, high reliability, long life cycle products with firm BOM control are key items desired by the specific OEM markets we serve.

    • Gas Ignition
    • Pellet & Biomass
    • Controllers
    • Process Machinery
    • Infrared Light Source
    • Special FX, Robotics & Animatronics

    Heater control could not be easier

    These modules are simple to set up requiring only some cable and a switch. These can be operated for example, using a timer, remote control or PIR for ultimate flexibility and infinite custom-ability.

    Re-Ignition controllers will ensure that the flame once established will remain alight through automatic sensing. So for those windy days this set up will give you peace of mind that your flame will remain alight. Depending on the power supply chosen, you can run several controller/igniter modules.

    All ignition systems are silent in operation, do not effect sound or visual equipment and can be used in the wet.

    Perfect for gas grills, special effects, stage and screen, cooking and much more.


    Cavity heaters, tunnel ovens and welding stations

    There is no limit to the uses of our ceramic heaters and process machinery is an example of perfect adaptability.

    From contact lenses or glass making to bending of plastics, our heaters continue to outperform older types of metal heater types. Heat up speeds, high achievable temperatures and controllability all figure high in making these the number one choice for this application.

    These heaters do not age or diminish in function even after many thousands of hours use. Being made of ceramic they are impervious to harsh surroundings and are not affected by off gases that can eat away at other types of heaters. These are also food friendly and self-cleaning.


    Thermal light source forinfrared spectroscopy

    Ideal for use as a thermal light source for infrared spectroscopy as when heated up, they reach temperatures of 1,000 to 1,300°C (1,830 to 2,372°F). When combined with a downstream variable interference filter, it emits radiation from 4 to 15 micrometres wavelength. These are used as thermal light sources for infrared spectroscopy because their spectral behaviour corresponds approximately to that of a Planck radiator.

    Our emitters are designed for those customers who require higher temperatures and greater output from their infrared source.

    These emitters are manufactured using a patented silicon nitride material. The advanced ceramic technology ensures a very stable product and their robust design safeguards intrinsic physical and thermal strength.


    No effect on audio, visual and electrical equipment

    Our igniters are used in the harshest conditions and have to perform faultlessly again and again. From fire and water effects in the casinos and hotel frontages in Las Vegas to major epic films there is no better choice than our igniters.

    These are silent running and will not affect electronic, visualor audio equipment at any time during operation. 
They workwell in wet conditions too making them an ideal outdoor must have for any stage and show.

    Our mini igniters can be tucked into many small area making your ideas turn into reality. These are the most obvious choice for your next project or even if you are refurbishing current equipment.