Crystal Technica Venture into Space

Astra rockets in construction

Astra offer satellite delivery services into space and will be using our igniters as part of their second stage rocket design.

In 2019, over $6 billion was invested into space companies and many of them are trying to disrupt the industry.

Astra intend to do the same.

They plan to reshape how the space industry works by developing new ways to take satellites into space, and for the past three years they have been quietly developing a brand-new rocket system.

There are many companies, such as Apple and Amazon, who need new and upgraded satellites placed in precise locations above the Earth, and this is where Astra rockets step in to help.

They have built smaller, lighter rockets designed for mass production and delivery, with reliable performance. Inexpensively made using streamlined, lightweight aluminium, and designed by a team of software developers, scientists, and manufacturing experts, most of whom have worked for NASA, SpaceX, Toyota, and Tesla.

Smaller Design & Cheaper Delivery

Being smaller they can carry and deliver satellites into space at a cheaper and quicker rate.

No longer will companies have to book way in advance to be a part of a bigger satellite delivery rocket, saving them money and easing time constraints.

We are proud to say our patented igniters are being used in the second stage rocket launch.

Crystal Technica have designed and developed these igniters to help with the ignition and rocket separation process.

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