We Make Great Ideas Into Great Products

Today’s hardware designer is faced with a bewildering array of technologies which can be utilised in electronic products. Choosing the correct one could have significant effect on development and unit cost making the difference between success and failure. Product life cycle costs too can be reduced by suitable choices of heaters and controllers but keeping up with the changes is tough. Unless you are working in the field every day it is easy to miss new products or design techniques which can positively affect your product.

Crystal Technica is plugged-in to the design world always on the lookout for innovation which can be useful in a new design. We are experts in understanding your requirements and bringing them to life. We believe communication is key to a successful project, from understanding requirements and project management, through to the implementation phase and beyond.

We support companies in every aspect of product development. Many companies have an overstretched R&D facility. Send us your appliance and we will engineer the best solution in a fraction of the time.

Using the correct design methods is essential for efficient and cost effective design. Future modifications and upgrades can become an issue if the design is not created using industry standard methods. As would be expected, we use the very latest tools to ensure we can meet your expectations, including: Orcad Scematic Capture, AutoCAD, Delphi, and Microsoft C++, for instance.

 Igniter/Sensor Assembly With Sight Glass