6v 20w Silicon Nitride Heating Element


6 volt 20 watt mini igniter

These igniters were specifically designed by us for the micro turbine industry

The ML6-20-MTSI is ideally suited for kerosene starting of micro turbines as it reaches much higher temperatures than traditional glow plugs

With these igniters you will be able to dispense with propane gas starting

Of course these are suitable for many other applications including: Gas ignition, parking heaters, gas barbeque, gas grills and Microturbine

The Igniter has a suitable collar to enable them to be used in a compression type fitting, the outer part of the igniter is conductive which allows the body to be used for feedback if required

These can be energized by ac and dc voltage making them totally versatile

ML6-20-MTSI LW (Long Wire (125mm) Also available call for details.


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6v 20w Silicon Nitride Heating Element